A new WhatsApp beta version for Android has just been released and if we go by the latest version, then WhatsApp will soon have the Expiring Media feature. The new WhatsApp Expiring Media feature is designed to remove the downloaded files once viewed i.e., WhatsApp media getting deleted automatically.  Let’s find out the detailed advantages and use of WhatsApp Expiring Media feature.

WhatsApp Expiring Media Feature on New Beta Version

WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp feature tracker, was the first to share the screenshots of WhatsApp media getting deleted automatically.  The screenshots from version beta were shared which showcased that the messaging app will inform recipients about the feature by showing a pop-up message on the screen.

WhatsApp Expiring Media Feature

This message reads, “The media will disappear once you leave this chat”. The WhatsApp Expiring Media feature will make sure that all media files, including images, videos, and GIFs sent to the recipient’s phone over WhatsApp media getting deleted automatically once they are viewed.This can be done manually as well by pressing the dedicated button next to the add media shortcut.

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WhatsApp may bring its new development alongside the Expiring Messaging feature that also seems to be in the plans for some time — with some clear evidence spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android released last month.

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When will the latest WhatsApp Expiring Media feature be rolled out?

The WhatsApp media getting deleted automatically feature is still not available for the general public and is yet to be rolled out to all users.

It is presumed that WhatsApp will first be rolling out the expiring media feature for beta testers sometime soon, and the end users will only be able to make full use of this feature only after successful beta testing of WhatsApp Expiring Media feature.

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