What’s Wrong with New Google Pixel 2 XL?

It’s final. Google’s latest phone Pixel 2 XL has failed to impress the audience. Sadly, the Google Pixel 2 XL started showing issues soon after its sale and was found working inefficiently. As a result, its price has lowered to $499, much lower than anticipated earlier.
Pixel 2 XL is manufactured by Essential Products, a smartphone startup run by Andy Rubin. Despite the drop in price of its new phone by $200, the company does not sound pessimistic with the huge price cut. It says the company wants to make it easier for consumers to experience its products by offering them at reasonable prices. The price of Essential phone has been dropped twice.
Expert reviews that have disclosed the issues faced by Pixel 2 XL are very convincing. On the positive side, the Pixel 2 XL got a massive screen, tiny bezels, premium material and an amazing design. The negative reviews claim that the new device is all faulty from its display to the software.That it’s just not impressive. They say there isn’t a single interesting feature on the phone that appeals to users. The most disappointing of all is its camera, which is slow and inefficient at the same time.
When it comes to display, we are sorry for those who have already bought it. The 5.7-inch display is sizable but low-quality and gives a poor experience, specifically where the software navigation bar is located. Many people have experienced screen burn-in as well.
Here is what Google has to say: “We’re always looking at people’s responses to Pixel and we will look at adding more color options through a software update if we see a lot of feedback”, as reported by Digital Trends.
Here are some of the common issues with the Google Pixel 2 XL, which would be fixed with the upcoming software update.

Problems with Google Pixel 2 XL

1.   Screen quality

Essential Products has heard many complaints about the color quality that comes with its new pixel mobile. The colors are unexpectedly less vibrant. There is another color issue; the POLED screen appears bluish tint when tilted. To deal with the problem, the company has already added an option to boost the color by 10% to assist more saturated display.

2.   Front camera not supporting Portrait Mode

Some users have found issue with Portrait Mode not working for selfies. However, the problem will be fixed soon as the company is introducing a camera update that will support taking selfies on Portrait Mode.

3.   Disturbing frequency noise

There have been some complaints as regard to high-pitched frequency noise experienced during calls. However, there are others who say it is clicking sound. Then, there are people who say they have experienced both types of sounds.

4.   Bluetooth issues

There have been reports that Bluetooth just don’t work fine since the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update. For some it is connectivity problem, while other says the issue is with voice commands.
When making smartphones majority of the new startups fail. However, the fate of Andy Rubin’s Essential Products doesn’t look that bad. So what do you think, whether to buy an Essential Phone or not?
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