The Tablet Laptop combo of the HP is simply WOW! With Windows 8 and the Android Jelly Bean version, HP has proudly left the Asus transformer way behind. Waiting to be shipped to US in August, UK has to hold patience for this stunning HP combo.

This Combo has been called the HP SlateBook x2. With its 10.1 inch thickness and 1921X1200IPS LCD screen it is highly in demand. The lighting fast speed with the 1.8 GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 processor makes the Slatebook super awesome. With the 64 GB on board flash and the 2GB RAM, it also has dual band networking of 802.11 n.

That’s not all there is more to the Slatebook X2 they one has ever thought. The clip board has the unit packs for extra battery capacity. Along with it, it also has the USB and HDMI port in the Tablet segment of the Slatebook X2.

This appealing innovative device by HP might be a little heavy on the pocket as it is priced $480 but after the VAT it might increase a little more. Gadgets geeks might say it that it’s too much for a ten inch combo but not to forget it’s at par with the keypad less iPad retina display.