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What’s the big deal about WhatsApp Dark Mode?

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WhatsApp Dark Mode has consistently been in the news almost for months now. So, it is just natural, if it had made you wonder why it is such a big deal. It is common knowledge phone screens and that bright light isn’t the best thing for our eyes.  But, most of us, still find ourselves glued to our smartphone screens. This is where the popular dark mode comes in.

Dark mode not only makes your smartphone display look super cool but is also soothing for your eyes. The dark mode is known to reduce strain caused by the brighter lights of a mobile screen, especially in low light environments.  Furthermore, it also helps you in saving battery and lessens sleep disruption at night.

Finally, WhatsApp has also introduced dark mode for its users on Android and iOS. WhatsApp dark mode is said to be now available to all users. However, in practicality, most Android users using versions older than Android 10 and 9 still can’t enable the feature for their WhatsApp chat.

Long delay in rolling out WhatsApp dark mode

Furthermore, most social media giants had already introduced dark mode feature on their platforms last year. Unsurprisingly, Twitterati was quick to point out the delay. It seems like ages ever since leaks began speculating WhatsApp was developing and set to roll out the new dark mode feature. Users have long waited for the relief to facilitate their midnight texting.

However, WhatsApp officials have also attempted to justify the delay. The company officials shared that during their testing, they found out that combining pure black and white can create an unpleasant high contrast leading to eye fatigue.

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Thereby, the company has come up with a special dark grey background and off-white colour that lowers the screen brightness. WhatsApp officials have said that the colour combination cuts down the glare as well as improves contrast and readability.

Let us know what you think of the WhatsApp’s Dark Mode in the comments below.

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