I am sure most of us are not going to office till the end of this year. With “Work From Home” becoming the “New Normal”, and with so many distractions, it is hard to concentrate on work when all we do is move from one room to another to get that peace of mind. Adding to the task is the lack of personal space with a dash of innovation to keep us seated and complete the task at hand. All this coupled together makes it important to have a good home-office set-up for the mind to be able churn some brilliant ideas.

Setting up a comfy home office needs a little bit planning, a bit of creativity and loads of your personality. A good home-office set-up will make sure this space maximizes your efficiency and productivity whilst you enjoy yourself. Here are some simple yet doable tricks to achieve a good home-office setup. So, let’s jump right in!!

The Office Kind

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether this home-office setup is a temporary one or you, like me, earn your income working from the comfort of your home? If you have decided to dedicate a small home-office setup for yourself, it is a must to optimize that space for your own good.Productivity flourishes in environs where ingenious thoughts bloom and interruptions are minimized. To achieve this, natural sunlight, lots of greens, a good seating chair and a sturdy table for your Mac is a “MUST.”

Invigorating Interiors

The lockdown has made all of us Netflix binge-watchers. With mind still stuck on how the next episode of your favourite Netflix series will unfold, it is important to have a home-office setup that makes you concentrate on the work in hand. The first step here is to make your little home-office setup inviting. The simple and quickest way to achieve this is to adorn the space with quirky wallpapers and wall arts. While uplifting your home office setup, ensure the space represents you and the work you do. Make the space more lively, a place where you’d like to spend time.  These individual touches will make you more comfortable in your space and will have a positive impact on your daily productivity.

Practice Feng ShuiFor Positioning Your Desk

We don’t want to feel sluggish during the start of our day. To be able to put in all our energy and creativity in the job, the best way is to implement Feng Shuirules. The Chinese have been utilizingFeng Shuiteachings to optimize the spatial arrangement for optimum design. According to Feng shuiexperts, the easiest way to optimize energy and productivity is by placing your writing desk in a “commanding position.” This means that while positioning your work-table ensure that your desk is not placed near the door. Also make sure that while working, your back does not face the door. The Chinese school of thought believesthat positive energy flows in the presence of good chi, and if the workplace blocks this flow, then the energy levels are bound to be negatively affected.

Natural Light and Proper Lighting

It’s been found that that good lighting and optimum daylight simulating fixtures have a positive impact on the productivity. If your home-office setup does not have proper lighting, it can cause drowsiness and eye fatigue. Similarly, the hue of light plays an important role in enhancing productivity. For instance while warm color temperatures are calming, the cool color temperatureinspires creativity and boosts productivity.

To ensure positivity, your home office setup should wear natural sunlight. For instance, windows that sit facing towards the south bring in abundant sunshine and warmth, a must during winter months.

Clear Work Space

If you home-office setup is messy, we are sure your ideas will be as well. According to a study published in Forbes, nearly 57% of people think that one’s work output has a direct correlation with the tidiness of their office. So, to begin with, clear out your home office space of unwanted files, papers, magazines, etc., for the last thing you’d want to do is spend great amount of time searching for a crucial sheet lost in the mass of disorganized piles on your desk. Make it a habit to clean your desk once in every week. Keep in crisp and clean.

Last But Not The Least – High Speed Internet

How many times have you been logged out of a Zoom call just because of poor connectivity?! A slow internet connection is not only frustrating but has a major impact on productivity. While we enjoy browsing the Instagram while the attachments are downloading, we also waste a good amount of time, which could have been utilized in doing something constructive.

Invest in a good network router. For highest performance, when shopping for the router, do keep in mind the size of the area along with the devices that will be connected via the router. A good network router will boost your signal strength and make your home office setup a great place to work in.

We sincerely hope these little tips for good home-office setup will help you bring out you’re a-game and will improve your productivity by manifolds. Do write to us for more such handy tips!