So, the latest rumor doing the rounds is that Apple will be releasing a new iPhone on the 20th of September, ten days after the rumored reveal date, the 10th of September. Apple is also gearing to release its new operating system the iOS 7 – since Apple normally releases its new iOS and an iPhone at the same time it seems very likely, especially if you consider that Apple recently released the 5th Beta version of the new operating system. Apple probably has another two to Beta versions to go before unveiling the final version making it fit in perfectly to September 10th reveal. It is still open to debate which iPhone will be released, with many rumors flying around we could expect the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 OR the rumored cheap version iPhone the iPhone 5C, very intriguing.

At the same time it is rumored that Apple might be releasing the new iPod Touch 6, which is supposed to be an iPhone 6 lookalike. Apple as is usual has been silent.