What to expect from iOS 13? To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?


Apple Inc. is set to launch iOS 13 at around 10:00 am PST (10:30 pm IST) on September 19, 2019. iPhone users are eagerly waiting to update their phones to iOS 13 to try their hands on several upgrades especially the much talked about dark mode.

However, the new OS update will only be available for iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPhone SE, and their successors in the respective categories. If you are also wondering what to expect from this latest update, read below to know more about the major upgrades.

Key upgrades in the iOS 13

  • Dark Mode

Dark mode will allow users to opt for a dark background after dusk as it is more comfortable for our eyes at night. Moreover, it is also expected to increase the battery life for your iPhone.

  • Apple Arcade

iOS 13 will also include the launch of Apple’s new gaming subscription service. Apple Arcade subscription will offer a catalog of over 100 games for $4.99. It is also speculated to provide Xbox One and PS4 game controller support.

  • Additional privacy feature

The new security feature will allow users to log into third-party apps and websites using their Apple ID. Moreover, Apple will also allow users a choice to generate an additional email ID for logging in to these services. It will thus limit the amount of personal information that one has to provide to access these services.

  • QuickPath Keyboard

Apple is also set to provide users the swipe to type feature in its new QuickPath keyboard similar to Google’s Gboard. Apple users will no longer need to install additional apps to get a swipe keyboard for faster typing.

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  • Find My app

Through the new Find My app, Apple will enable users to locate their friends and missing gadgets from a single mobile application. It seems to have integrated Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into a faster interface.

  • Upgrades for Siri and Apple Maps

iOS 13 will also bring a few upgrades for Siri and Apple Maps. iOS 13 will enable Apple’s popular voice assistant to read incoming messages and share audio files from AirPod. Updated Apple Maps will allow you to explore cities in 3D and create a collection for places you wish to visit.

Additionally, with iOS 13 you can expect your old phone to operate faster and last longer. Company officials have claimed that it will increase the speed of app launch to be almost twice as fast and Face ID unlocking system by 30 percent. Apple will also deescalate the rate of battery aging by learning from your daily charging routine and managing your charging.

Exclusive upgrades for iPhone 11 series

iPhone 11 mobile phones will also include camera UI buttons with the ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. The front camera in the latest iPhone will offer wide-angle selfies in landscape, amazing Slofies, and can record up to 4060 fps videos. Moreover, on iPhone 11 you can just hold the photo shutter button to capture video which was earlier used to capture burst photos.

With all the above features, iOS 13 seems like a significant update for your iPhone. Do let us know about your experience with the latest iOS 13 in the comments below.