Free Wi-Fi at railway stations will soon become a reality. Indian Railways has collaborated with Google to create free Wi-Fi zone across 400 railway stations. The users will be able to browse on the go and chat/skype with the friends as they commute.

However, the flip side  to this free Wi-Fi access is that speed will be reduced after 34 minutes. The passengers will be able to connect to Wi-Fi after verifying their no. The project is at the moment in its initial stage.

Once implemented it will drastically change the way the Indians travel. We asked some daily commuters about the how they feell about free Wi-Fi facility. Here is what they have to say:

 Rikhil Singh who commutes daily from Ghaziabad to Delhi says, “ t will allow me to catch up on the latest news. I ama huge cricket buffand with free Wi-Fi. I will be able to stream the matches, without missing a single shot.”

 “Sometimes when I get late from work, I have to miss my favorite serial, with Wi-Fi I will be able to stream it and watch as I travel, “ says banker, Mrs Kusum who is a daily passenger.

For Businessman Karunesh Verma, maintaining work life balance will be easy. As with the ease of  free Wi-Fi, he will be able to finish the pending office work in the train.

The free Wi-Fi will also provide travellers the real time travelling information. The travellers will also be able to relax and chat with their family and friends as they wait to catch their respective trains.

Free Wi-Fi on railway station is just a step closer to modernisation… we are indeed evolving.