Why Binod Meme is Trending & What is Binod Meme All About?


Binod got us all! Paytm changed its Twitter username. Tinder India got busy searching for Ms. Binodini. Mr. Binod and his memes have been all over the internet airwaves in recent times. The trend with endless memes suddenly left everyone rather perplexed on “What is this Binod meme all about?” “Why is Binod Meme trending?

If the FOMO syndrome got you too, we have you covered. Let’s decode the latest Twitter trend on #Binod. “Who is this ‘Binod’?” … if the trend still has you confused, we tell you all about it.

Origins of the Binod Meme

Let’s just first begin with this YouTube video. This is the origin of — what has to be — one of the most bizarre Twitter Trends. A YouTube channel called the Slayy Point posted a video: “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)” on July 15. In this video, content creators Abhyudaya and Gautami explored the comments section to share some of the most bizarre comments viewers left.

Who is this ‘Binod’?

A comment particularly highlighted in the video came from a user named, Binod Tharu. Now, for some reason, Binod had simply typed his name “Binod” in the comment section. In the clip highlighting his comment, Gautami and Abhyudaya shared their bemusement with responding to several different questions with the same answer, “Binod”.

Within a few days of the video release, several Indian content creators on the platform began observing the “Binod” comment under their videos too. It was then just a matter of time, before it caught the attention of the country’s notorious meme-makers. Bizarre trends and desi memes tend to go together. But the #Binod tend has scored quite well our peculiarity meter of Twitter trends. Curiously, many even went on to begin guessing what the real Binod must be feeling on the latest trend.

Companies that Tweeted about Binod

But, it wasn’t just the commoners and usual meme makers working on the meme. Many verified Twitter accounts of several companies and organisations including Netflix, Airtel, Swiggy, Paytm joined in with their own versions and takes on the Twitter trend. While Paytm changed its username, Swiggy hoped to get a call soon from the man himself.

KingFisherWorld also changed its name to Binodfisher writing, ‘What’s in a name?’

Mumbai Police also couldn’t help but join in. The official account soon tweeted, “Dear #binod , we hope your name is not your online password. It’s pretty viral, change it now! #OnlineSafety”

Jaipur Police also tweeted the hashtag spreading awareness on the corona guidelines and road safety. It posted, “What is #BINOD?B – Buckle up the seat belt before drivingI – Inform Police about any suspicious activityN – Never drink and driveO – Obey COVID guidelinesD – Dial 100 for any help or assistance#JaipurPolice #TeamJaipurPolice.”

Interestingly, some users even went on to give a political twist of Ram Mandir and BabriMajid to the hashtag. A Twitter user posted, “B= Babri   I= Is   N= Now    O= Officially    D= Demolished   #BINOD…”

While some were quick to tag Binod namesakes, others took a dig at the two content creators themselves.

This doesn’t seem to be the end. “Why Binod memes are trending” and “What Binod memes are all about”. These questions continue to confuse internet users. What are your thoughts on it?

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Before you leave, share your favourite #Binod memes and your thoughts on this notorious meme in the comments below.