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What Gives BlackBerry Z10 High -Energy Over Apple iPhone, Reveals Thorsten Heins



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The question of where BlackBerry in a smart phone market stands answers itself when you have a device like BlackBerry Z10 helming the company.  If you agree with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins then BalckBerry Z10 has sprung the sinking ship of Blackberry Z10 back to the sparkling waters of smart phone world.

As his first revelation about the changing image of the company, Heins told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, that the triumph of Z10 have opened new avenues for the company and the company has found a new direction for itself.

Heins is looking towards bringing out a vibrant amalgamation of BlackBerry and Android OS. He is also planning to bring licensing of the software and selling the hardware to the table anytime soon.

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Negative stories about the sales of Blackberry Z10 have also been launched by some analysts. They believe that BlackBerry Z10 became a sell out as the company gave retailers small number of units which made Z10 an immediate winner.

In contrary to this, CEO Heins said that BlackBerry Z10 sales surpassed the expectation of the company and he was taken aback by the demand of BlackBerry Z10. He continued that we are on our way to bring out more devices and total number of sales of BlackBerry devices would be revealed soon by the company.

Heins did not forget to mention that BalckBerry Z10 was the first preference of new Smartphone users and not Apple iPhone and Android.

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