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What Features of Plants Vs Zombies Make It Worthy Of A Risk Board Game?


Risk Board Game receives a new addition with Plants vs Zombies making its presence felt in the gaming domain. Its developers claim that it is an entirely customized version of the popular board game.

What does Plants vs Zombies feature?

Plant vs Zombies features an arresting two-sided game board. There are three ways to play this game–Total Domination, Mission Objective and Tower Defense. Much like other popular tower defense games, Plants vs Zombies requires the player to plant various kinds of plants with their distinctive defensive or offensive abilities. By planting these plants, the player will prevent a flock of zombies from overcoming the brands of people living inside. Plants vs Zombies is an advanced game compared to other tower defense games.

There are additional modes in the game that can be unlocked by the player as he moves ahead in the central Adventure Mode of the game. The different modes that the player can unlock are Puzzle Mode, Survival Mode and a compilation of small games that include Insaniquarium and Bejewled, which are PopCap games featuring versions of zombie themes. A Quick Play mode is also available on the Android and iOs editions of the original Plants vs Zombies game. With this mode, the player can repeat the favorite level in the game.

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