Larry Page, Chief Executive, Google Inc. and Tim Cook, Chief Executive, Apple Inc. are reportedly in secret talks over each others’ intellectual property matters following the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung, where the latter had to pay $1 billion in damages to the iPhone maker.

As per a report by Reuters, both the CEO’s held a private phone call regarding their own patents.

It was also reported that low-level officials of both the companies are also undergoing discussions regarding the same.

All eyes are set on Google as most of the smartphones by Samsung comes incorporated with Google’s Android operating system.

Samsung was accused of infringing Apple’s mobile operating system iOS.

It is believed that maybe the talk involved both the giants discussing how to put an end to current arguments regarding whether Google or Apple is infringing on basic parts of a mobile operating system.

However, it was also reported that both the CEOs were supposed to talk again Friday but due to some unspecified reasons, had to push back the date for a couple weeks.

Soon after the Apple vs. Samsung verdict, Google said that the claims in the case did not deal with the core Android operating system.

Apple and Google both have lot of patents that they can throw at each other for years.

Motorola Mobility, now owned by Google, initiated the battle recently by suing Apple for a number of its operating system patents.

But the recent reports indicate that maybe the companies want to look for a method to work it out on their own before things go way over the head.