The telecom market is abuzz with reports around the release date of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. With their imminent release dates being announced last week, iPhone lovers are now looking forward to the best features offered by these smart and innovative handheld devices.

Some of the most stirring features of these iPhones are:

Screen size: Users can now look forward to an enhancement in the size of the screen. Apple has always refrained from increasing the size of its smart phone screen—stating that the same would affect the applications available for their devices. This time they are going to take the leap. However, it could still be a far cry from the large screen sizes being designed on competitor phones.

Processor: A better and faster processing speed is in the offing. If rumors are true, then the new handsets will boast of an A7 chip processor—enabling smoother and faster functions.

iOS 7: The iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are expected to arrive with the latest iOS features. This will make these Apple products all the more desirable.

Camera: A more enhanced camera software is a much required feature and users feel that it is a better option than increasing the range of pixels present in the camera.

Battery life: The new products are expected to come with the same battery life as their predecessors.

With these features in place, the iPhone 5s and iPhone6 are already winners– in their own way.