Have you ever noticed the simple page layout of Google and wondered what makes it so successful? Or watched helplessly as the biggest smartphone player Nokia failed. The technology world has gone through several ups and downs in the past decade. There have been some surprising wins and some unfathomable losses. We look at some such less known and weird tech companies facts that will amaze and surprise you.

Weird Tech Companies Facts

Nokia & Motorola battle it out

Did you know that Nokia became the world’s largest smartphone player in 1998. At that time, it overtook Motorola which was the market leader. Motorola was an established tech company player as in 1991, it had come up with the iDen I 1000 plus. This smartphone had a two-way radio, internet browser and email facility as well.

You must have also noticed that Nokia has not used number 4 in any of its products. Nokia does this specifically for Asia because many countries here believe that number 4 is unlucky. This includes some of the Asian manufacturers who work with Nokia. Hence.

Incidentally, the first commercial GSM call by Harri Holkari, the Finnish Prime Minister in 1991 was made from a Nokia phone.

Samsung doesn’t outsource

It’s a well-known fact that smartphone majors such as Apple and Xiaomi outsource their manufacturing needs to other companies, often in various parts of the world. However, Samsung is the only tech company that still manufactures 90 percent of the products in its own companies.

Samsung started with groceries

Samsung might be a technology giant today but the company had a humble beginning and sold dried fish and locally grown groceries. About three decades after it was established in the 1970s, the company came up with its first electronic product, a 12-inch black and white television.

Some more interesting tech companies facts with reference to Samsung are that it was the first company to sell watch phones, mp3 phones and digital televisions. The retina display in iPads is a Samsung production. Believe this… Apple buys this display from Samsung. 

Samsung has also partnered with an amusement park corporation Six Flags. It has created the first virtual reality roller coaster in North America.

Facts about Facebook, YouTube and Paypal

A lesser known fact about Facebook is that Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel was the first person to invest in the company. This tech company player invested $500,000 in Facebook. The popular video-sharing website YouTube was initially a dating site and was known by the name of Tune-in-Hook-Up.

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Facts about Google

The simple design of the Google search page has not been altered, even since the site came into existence. It has a unique reason. Founder of Google Larry Page did not have any knowledge about HTML.

Though a few dropdown menus have been added to Google, the basic design still remains the same.

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Technology has the ability to change the world and it has done so in the past decade. Such innovations will also continue in the future and give us the opportunity to explore more unknown facts.

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