Wireless Chargers for iPhone and Android

This charger offers 15W MagSafe charging for iPhone 12 and 13. Additionally, it offers fast charging for Apple Watch 7 and normal charging for AirPods-sized recess. It comes with brick.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with MagSafe

Apple MagSafe charger comes with magnets built into the charger and back of the phone that helps start the charging process.

Apple MagSafe

This inexpensive and simple 10W charging pad fills up most Android phones and charges iPhones at slower 5W non-MagSafe speeds. It features a 1m charging cable and an indicator light that switches off when you’re charging.

Nanami Wireless Charger

This charger allows you to position the iPhone anywhere on its MagSafe arm so you can watch your videos comfortably. It features a USB-A port at the back that allows you to charge other devices.

Excitrus 3n1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Otterbox Otterspot is designed to be portable and includes a standard wireless charging pad along with a portable battery pack that doubles up as a wireless charger.

Otterbox Otterspot Wireless charger

With a solid metal and glass body, the Nomad Base One is a great-looking addition to your desk. It also comes with a matching braided USB-C cable.

Nomad Base One

With a slim build and textured black fabric surface, this charger can be carried easily and anywhere. It is inexpensive making it a great charger for your needs.

Totallee Wireless Charger

This compact charger is not only a great addition to your desk but will also keep your Apple Watch and iPhone secure as they charge.

Otterbox 2-in-1 Charging Station with MagSafe