Top 8 Unsafe Instagram Followers Apps

This app claims to provide an easy way to manage your Instagram followers but may have your password.

FollowMeter for Instagram

This app claims that it can find your unfollowers and ghost them for free. However, there is no way to know your ghost followers.

Unfollowers and ghost followers

Reports+ for Instagram claims to manage your password and not store them but it doesn’t list up under Authorized apps.

Reports+for Instagram

This app tracks your unfollowers but in the process tracks your passwords and usernames too!

Follower tool for Instagram

This tracker app provides a login using your Instagram account and password. Be careful!

Unfollowers for Instagram,Lost

With this tracker app you can find your Instagram Unfollowers, Ghost Followers, and even loyal followers?

Follower tracker for Instagram

This tool lets you know who follows you, unfollowed you and who is not following you back. Does it mean you can simply unfollow all non-followers?

Unfollowers and Followers for Instagram

With Followers Chief, you can see who stopped following you but with several ads.

Followers Chief