Top 8 high tech jobs with no coding needed

UI designers and UX designers are different jobs. However, most companies hire a single person to handle both of these jobs.

UI/UX Designer

Data Analyst is the perfect job for those looking for a tech job without coding skills. Analysts use different tools and software to explore and research large amounts of data.

Data Analyst

A system admin helps set up systems for employees, sets up servers, backs up files and troubleshoots software malfunctions and more.

System Admin

SEO is the right job for individuals who want to build a career in the tech world but have limited or no knowledge of coding.

SEO professional

Yet another great option for those who are not fond of coding, a technical writer is a professional who converts complex information into simple and concise documents.

Technical Writer

A project manager effectively handles several projects by thorough planning, budgeting and innovating to run the company.

Project Manager

A business analyst determines the requirements of the projects and the tools that are needed to complete the project.

Business Analyst

A scrum master not only ensures that the team members adopt agile practices but also takes care of all the facets of the agile development process.

Scrum master