Top 10 Takeaways for Tech Firms from Budget 2023

PAN cards will be used as a common identifier for all businesses that need to have a PAN for a digital system of certain government agencies.

PAN Card as a common Identifier

Digital public infrastructure would help improve access to credit, farm inputs, insurance, and market intelligence and support the development of agri-tech industry and start-ups.

Digital public infrastructure for Agriculture

While Fintech services have already been facilitated by the digital public infrastructure, the scope of documents in DigiLocker will be expanded to improve it.

Fintech services

New labs would be set up to develop applications to create new opportunities, employment potentials, and business models with 5G services.

5G Services

An Entity DigiLocker would be set up to store and share documents online in a safe and secure manner. This will be beneficial for MSMEs, large businesses, and charitable trusts.

Entity DigiLocker

Lab Grown Diamonds are not only environmentally friendly but will encourage the production of LGD seeds and machines domestically.

Lab Grown diamonds

For countries that are looking for digital continuity solutions, the Indian Government will set up Data Embassies in GIFT IFSC.

Data Embassy and GIFT IFSC

Several new courses will be introduced to medical institutions for medical techs to ensure skilled people operate futuristic medical technologies.

Multidisciplinary courses for medical techs