scary games to play alone

Step into the eerie village of Dulvey once again as Ethan Winters, where you will face grotesque creatures, a chilling atmosphere, and an unsettling narrative.

Resident Evil Village:

This horror game for mobile devices, lets you play as a survivor trying to escape a deadly pursuer, creating a heart-pounding atmosphere and a sense of isolation.


This first-person horror adventure immerses you in a haunting desert setting, offering a spine-chilling narrative, unsettling puzzles, and psychological horror elements.

Amnesia: Rebirth

This popular horror franchise returns with a 2023 reboot, delivering a mix of supernatural terror and intense first-person shooting that keeps you on edge.

F.E.A.R. (2023 Reboot

This game lets you explore a dual-reality concept, allowing you to inhabit both the spirit world and the real world to solve mysteries and face supernatural threats.

The Medium

A survival horror game that pits you against cannibalistic mutants on a deserted island, where you must scavenge, build, and uncover the island's sinister secrets to survive.

The Forest

This horror game comes with a compelling Lovecraftian storyline, challenging puzzles, and a supernatural entity known as "The Presence" that haunts you at every step.

Song of Horror

This psychological horror game delves into the mind of a therapist, offering a surreal and unsettling experience as you confront twisted psychological terrors.

In Sound Mind