Most useful dictionary apps to make your vocabulary strong

For all multitaskers and busy bees, this dictionary app can fit into your schedule easily and help you learn a new word every day.

Word of the day

A highly popular app, the Oxford Dictionary of English has over 350,000 words and phrases along with instant translations and definitions.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Whether you are learning to speak English or are a fluent speaker, Merriam-Webster helps you understand the meaning as well as the pronunciation of a word.

Merriam -Webster is just the right app for all those who want to accentuate their vocabulary.

This is a free app that does not contain any ads and shows you parts of speech and related words along with the definition of a word.

WordWeb Dictionary

WordUp Vocabulary app lets you select between British and American accents and help build your vocabulary.

WordUp Vocabulary

This cross-platform app uses digital flashcards to help you learn new words.


This innovative app helps you find a word based on their context.

Reverse Dictionary