Highest Paying Adsense Alternative

Publift is Google-certified and allows you to understand and implement the latest technology. It offers reporting, ad-block monetization, pricing automation,  ad layout optimization, header bidding, deals and Adwizard. Additionally, Publift also offers a free website or app review with and also steps to improve visibility.


A market leader in popunder Ads, PropellerAds connects advertisers and publishers through its Self-Serve platform. The self-serve platform offers ad layouts on mobile apps, desktop sites and mobile sites. Also, this platform does not have minimum traffic eligibility criteria.


This is an open platform with no setup fees and focuses on contextual advertising. Infolinks offers you with a 65% cut of ad revenue and aims to approve applications within 48 hours.


Monumetric pays out on a per- impression basis but pays less than a click-based model. This platform focuses on providing ad optimization. It is good for medium and established publishers.


Media.net is one of the most popular alternatives to Google AdSense as it provides access to the Yahoo! Bing ad network. It was also the first platform to develop a server-side header bidding platform which gives maximum results and transparency.


This platform is female focused and welcomes sites that are targeted for women. It has lower traffic requirements; however, it expects exclusivity to both your desktop and mobile ad inventory.

SHE Media

BidVertiser allows publishers to sell ad inventory directly to the highest bidding advertiser. While this can benefit bigger publishers, BidVertiser may not be the best platform for a new publisher.


This is a cloud market platform where you can put your site and advertisers can preview its statistics. The platform uses ad formats such as podcast ads, content ads, native ads, email ads and display ads.