Gadget under Rs.100


Multipurpose, this light can be used as corridor lighting, camping lighting, night sleeping, breastfeeding. It uses 5V and 1W power ensuring you don’t have to worry about replacing burnt-out bulb.

King Shine mobile phone holder

Highly budget-friendly, this phone holder comes with USB Earphone cable winder. Sticks to your car dashboard, steering wheel, windshield, table, etc., making navigation and watching videos easier.

E-Infinity Screwdriver

This handy screwdriver tool can help repair sunglasses, eyeglasses, watch, etc. Approximately 6 cm in length, this tool is portable, easy to carry and features a keychain.

Batullo cleaner kit for keyboard

5-in-1, this cleaner kit with soft brush is a must-have. Helps clean the dust and debris in the Bluetooth headset box or headset gaps or keyboard.

Hetkrishi 11 in 1 pocket tool

Be prepared when an emergency strikes with this wallet size pocket tool. Whether you want to take it along on hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or simply leave it in your tool box or car glove, this one is for you!