Best wireless phone charger for iPhone

This simple, budget friendly wireless charger sits flat on your desk or bedside table and can charge at 7.5W

Anker 315 Wireless Charger

With clean lines and matt finish, this wireless charger can help you charge any Qi-compatible device, Airpods and even other phones.

Logitech Powered 3-in-1 Dock

Measuring 5.94×2.95×0.93 inches and weighing 221g, this lightweight charger will fit in your pocket when folded up. It can charge an iPhone at 7.5W, Apple Watch at 3W and wireless AirPods case at 5W.

 STM ChargeTree Go

Stylish, this wireless charger can recharge a faded iPhone battery about 1.5 times. It weighs 156g and measures 5.24×3.27×0.57 inches.

Moshi Porto Q 5K Portable Battery Wireless Charger

Featuring a ring of RGB LED lights around the base, this wireless charger is large and comes with a good non-slip grip. However, you need to have your own QC 2.0 or 3.0 power adapter.

RapidX Prismo Wireless Charger 

This charging stand delivers the fastest wireless charging performance. It can charge up to 7.5W. However, with the right USB-C power adapter, it can wirelessly charge up to 15W.

Moshi Lounge Q

This charging pad offers 15W MagSafe charging for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Additionally, it offers fast charging for Apple Watch 7 and regular wireless charging in AirPods.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

If you’re a die -hard Apple fan, this wireless charger is for you. It allows you to charge up to 15W on iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 models.

Apple MagSafe Charger