Best Travel Gadgets for Long Flights in 2023

A travel pillow is an excellent way to ensure you are comfortable and don’t wake up with a sore neck. Today, most pillow cases are of minimal size and can fit easily in your carry-on.

Travel Pillow

An Eye-mask is a great way to get some quality shut eye on long flights. While some airlines do offer eye masks, they can be flimsy and difficult to adjust to your size. So, you can carry one of your own.

Eye mask

In addition to blocking noise around you so you don’t get bothered with people constantly, ear plugs can actually help you get some rest on long haul flights.


If you do not like the idea of shoving earplugs into your ears on long flights, you can consider using headphones instead. You can enjoy your movies while blocking out a significant amount of noise.


A Kindle is a great travel gadget for a long- haul flight especially if you do not like to stare at the screen for long duration.


To ensure your smartphone or Kindle doesn’t die suddenly during a long flight , a power bank is a must. You can buy a power bank from any reputed brand.

Power bank

A small travel fan that blows air cooling water is a must if you are travelling to hot destinations. It will surely save you from any miserable experience.

Portable air conditioner fan

If you have a long flight journey and want to give your rest some much deserved rest, then it’s worth getting an audible subscription.

Audible subscription