best social media apps in india to make friends

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, meet like-minded people in social gatherings, workshops, group activities and more on Meetup.


Similar to the Bumble dating app, Bumble BFF includes swipe and matching features making it popular among the millennials. Simply enter your bio, location and interests and find some potential friends!

Bumble BFF

Founded by women and for women, Hey! Vina app is all about women empowerment and collaboration. In addition to finding friends, this female-only app offers quizzes, advice and articles about becoming an independent woman.

Hey! Vina

Inspired by Tinder, this app is for people of any age and gender. You can swipe left or right on potential friends. Additionally, you can chat either inside the app or Snapchat.


Nextdoor helps you find friends within your neighbourhood and apartment buildings through a secure and verified user base. The app lets you chat, host get-togethers, buy or sell products and more.


Slowly helps you find potential new friends by matching your interests. So, whether you are into cooking, travelling, dancing or writing, you can be sure to find someone across the globe with similar interests.