Best satellite phone  for hiking

Iridium 9555

This satellite looks like a typical version of a 90s cellphone with a stubby antenna. However, it extends over 12cm and can be kept at an angle such that it picks up a satellite signal without harming your neck.

Iridium Extreme 9575

With 99% global coverage, Iridium Extreme 9575 is the best satellite phone for travelers headed to an off-beat track or rough environment. It is also certified for durability standard compliance for water jet and dust protection meeting military standards.

Inmarsat Isat Phone

With its sturdy build and fold-out antenna, Inmarsat Isat is ideal for remote travelers. It is also a great phone for those sailing. It features a straightforward contacts database and allows you to send 160 characters text messages.

Thuraya XT-LITE

This is an inexpensive device that comes with standard features and an omnidirectional antenna. The antenna can detect an incoming call even before being extended.  

Thuraya X5-Touch

This satellite phone comes with the capabilities of a smartphone. The device also comes with front 8MP and selfie 2MP cameras. However, there is no 5G support.

Garmin inReach Mini

This device allows your existing phone to access satellite coverage to send messages from anywhere. With tracking every 10 minutes, this device offers a standby of 90 hours which can increase to days with fewer tracking options set.

Iridium Go!

This device lets you send and receive data from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. However, you will have to figure out the small print.

Zoleo Satellite Communicator

This device allows texting via Bluetooth and an app. If the recipient has the Zoleo app, you can send longer texts than standard sat phones. If possible, Zoleo can switch to cellular to save power.