Best Privacy Apps for Android in 2023

With its powerful security and privacy tools, vast server network and robust speeds, Nord VPN ensures it will not reveal what you do online under any circumstances.

Nord VPN

Signal Private Messenger comes with a strong focus on privacy. It is open-source making it possible for anyone to verify its security by auditing the code.

Signal Private Messenger

Hushed lets you create temporary phone numbers so your real ones are hidden. It is also perfect for filling a web form or posting an advertisement on Craiglist. Also, the app allows you to manage multiple phone lines eliminating the need to carry a second phone.


This app is an alternative search engine that does not store any data and does a great job of limiting the information apps or websites can gather about you.

Duck Duck Go

ProtonMail is a better alternative to Gmail and enables you to send password protected emails and messages that self-destruct after a certain timeframe. As the messages are encrypted, even the company cannot find out about the content in them.


This app can be used as a password manager and generator that stores your personal data in a secure vault. LastPass can also be set up to change passwords automatically for select sites.