best photo viewer for windows 10

One of the best apps for viewing photos on Windows 10, IrfanView loads images faster than any other app. It is a lightweight app and has a footprint of just 3MB ensuring no bloatware is embedded in the app.


Pictureflect Photo Viewer is built on the UWP framework and is pretty fast and minimalist.It supports many image formats such as JPG WEBP, DNG, PNG, RAW and more making it your best pick.

Pictureflect Photo Viewer

ImageGlass is a simple modern-looking photo viewer without any bells and whistles. However, its performance is superior to other Microsoft Photos apps. Also, it has quick access to all important features such as print, zoom, rotation, etc. on the top bar.


If you want to view images in full-screen mode then this is the right app. It’s quick and opens a wide range of image formats to give you a complete view of the image in its entirety. This is a great app for photo editors as they can get a full-screen preview.

FastStone Image Viewer

The highlight of this app is that it can handle several images in a single, tabbed window. Also, you can zoom, start a slideshow and change the orientation all within the same window.


This app does not include a long list of features like other apps but provides a minimal interface with stable performance. Also, it loads images quickly without any sort of lag issues.


An open-source viewer app, Nomacs has a great UI and performs exceptionally well. It also comes with a built-in editor rich in features.


With a footprint of 2MB, this is one of the lightest apps. It supports PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, and many other media formats. Overall, JPEGView is a great app for low-end Windows 10 PC.