Best offline games for iPhone

Wayward Souls is a roguelike and can be played for hours making it a great game for long flights. There are tons of options to explore ensuring you are not bored.

Wayward Souls

Yet another free-to-play offline game for iPhone, Soul Knight is ideal for mobile game fans. In this game, you have dungeon exploration and a lot of alien-shooting fun.

Soul Knight

If you like to tame monsters then this game is for you. Siralim 2 offers hundreds of dungeons to explore and interestingly there’s no level cap allowing you to play all day long.

Siralim 2 (Monster-taming RPG )

This game brings the action of World War third-person shooter. Brothers in Arms offers several missions that you can complete while fighting against the Nazis.

Brothers in Arms 3

If you enjoy strategy games, Plague Inc. is for you. In this game, you have to create a pathogen that has successfully infected a human being.

Plague Inc.

Subway Surfers is a simple-to-play game that will keep you on the edge. The game is all about running as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles.

Subway Surfers

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a great game for all snowboarders and winter sports fans. The game has several levels, jump off cliffs, and a lot more to help you find the Yeti.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

This game is set in a forest packed with flowers, trees, and inhabitants and offers plenty of scope for exploring. This is a physics-based gameplay that needs time to be understood.

Badland and Badland 2