Best Gadgets for Car

This device does not use electricity, is hands-free and sits on your dashboard while cradling your phone and reflecting the navigation on a glass screen.

Heads Up Hands Free Driving Display

Time to replace your rearview mirror with this new smart mirror! It’s equipped with a front and rear camera and displays direction and also helps you find the perfect road trip song!

Smart Rear-View Mirror

A great replacement for those bulky and big tire inflators, this gadget is a must-have! It comes with PSI power to reinflate a tire in under a few minutes.

Mini Tire inflator

Stack up on food and soda to keep your road trip rolling! This mini fridge comes with 12V power backup and can keep up to six cans cold for every mile!

12V Car Mini Fridge

Get rid of any unpleasant smell in your car. This purifier uses the power of activated carbon and a HEPA filter that cleans up the air in your car of 99.7% of dust, smoke, dander and odors.

Portable Air Purifier

Easy-to-use and accurate, this smart monitoring system helps you keep an eye on the tire pressure. Install the app and the caps, feel safer, more secure and also save a little money on gas.

Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System