Best gadgets for anxiety

A stress ball is a simple and effective tool to kill stress. When your stress levels shoot up, simply squeeze them to feel good energy within.

Stress ball

Write all your negative thoughts on this board and feel your stress reduced.

Buddha Board

A scalp massager with rubber tips on its edges helps stir your head, calm it, and promote scalp wellness.

Scalp massager

This light, portable, and effective tool targets the trigger points in the foot arch, heels, and whole body.

Foot massager roller

These wiggly and jiggly spaghetti balls can be tossed and stretched as you want and calm your mind.

Spaghetti ball

This calming sandbox can be placed on your work desk to get a feel of a beach getaway to calm your senses.

Zen Garden Sandbox

Whenever you are anxious or stressed, simply pull out these colourful putties and knead them or make shapes out of them.

Kneadable eraser or putty

Uplift your mood and general atmosphere of space by appeasing your olfactory senses with an essential oil diffuser.

Essential oil diffuser