best free password manager 2023

This is a free password manager that is secure and easy to use across all devices, operating systems and browsers. Dashlane lets you store unlimited passwords on a single device.


1Password is a feature-rich password manager that has an intuitive dashboard and offers affordable plans for individuals as well as families. You can opt for its 14-day trial to test all of its features.


This password manager offers unlimited logins and devices on its free plan.Additionally, it has an intuitive interface which displays all entries clearly.


NordPass is one of the easiest password managers to set up. It not only features a streamlined design but also a multi-factor authentication.


Avira Password Manager allows you to sync unlimited passwords across unlimited devices making it perfect for those having hundreds of passwords and different devices.It also has 2FA compatibility and a built-in authenticator.

Avira Password Manager Free

RoboForm comes with the best form filler that is able to fill out even the most advanced web forms with great accuracy.


Sticky Password not only offers unlimited password storage but also works on over 10 browsers including specialized ones such as Seamonkey and Pale Moon.

Sticky Password

Secure all your passwords and sensitive information with Bitwarden. It is easy to set up and offers great cross platform access for desktop apps, browsers and mobiles.