Best educational apps for students for online learning in 2023

Highly popular, Duolingo is by far the best app for learning to speak a new language. It has a user-friendly interface and includes game-like exercises to help you learn faster and better.


Udemy offers several courses online. These courses are self-directed and include quizzes, lecture videos, notes and practice assignments. You can even ask a question on the course page which your instructor can answer.


Yet another free study app, Quizlet tracks your study habits, play games with cards and even read the cards out loud with text-to-speech features! You can also purchase a monthly subscription to remove ads and allow you to study offline.


Epic has a collection of over 40,000 popular children’s books. Additionally, it features a built-in dictionary, comprehension quizzes after finishing books and badges to reward kids for their reading achievements.

Epic: Kids Books & Reading

This app is free with no ads or subscriptions. This award- winning app uses books, songs and games to provide a variety of learning experiences to students.

Khan Academy Kids

Yet another language app, Babbel is available via the web or mobile app. The app also comes with a voice recognition feature to help you practice speaking the language from early in the learning process.


Fender Play teaches you to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and ukulele. It is a good choice for both adults and students. You can start with a 7-day free trial.

Fender Play

Targeted towards elementary-aged students, this app includes levels that progress through foundational programming concepts such as conditional logic, procedures and loops.

Lightbot: Code Hour