8 Unique Useful Student Gadgets

A laptop allows students to work on assignments and research projects anywhere on campus. Additionally, students can use a laptop to stay entertained and connected with people.


This is a smart and useful gadget that helps keep all your work safe and secure. Also, it frees up space in your laptop.

External Hard Drive

Wireless speakers are portable and powerful and allow you to carry along on your road trips or even to the parks.

Wireless Speaker

Amazon Kindle is lightweight and compact making it easier to be carried around. It’s an easier way to have reference materials and novels handy.

Amazon Kindle

Smart Watch is one of the best ways to stay connected and organized. It can also monitor heart rate, activity levels and help manage stress.

Smart Watch

With a printer, you can avoid last-minute trips to the library as you can print notes from the comfort of your room.


Streaming Devices are simple plug-and-play gadgets that allow students to stream video content on their TV easily.

Streaming Device

Get ready for day-long lectures with an affordable power bank. It can charge your device several times and is a must-have for students who rely on their mobile phones.

Power Bank