Best Coding Apps for Kids in 2023

This app educated kids about computer programming using interactive activities. It will help your child progress the difficulty level and keep them stimulated through challenges.

CodeSpark Academy

If your child enjoys storytelling, this app is a must-have. The app provides cognitive development through engaging stories presented in an amazing way.


Probably one of the best coding apps for elementary kids, this app features creatively designed cars around a track with drag and drop code. It also features a racing mode that allows kids to test their coding speed and track performance.

Code Karts

This app is ideal for kids who like challenges and want something more complex to stimulate their mind and build focus. It features animated robots solve the app’s puzzles.


Suitable for children between 8-17 years of age, this app allows users to use a range of tools to virtually command and control many illustrations, designs and characters.


With this app, kids can create their own landscape by instructing a host of Sphero robots and use the drag and drop code blocks to navigate objects and create paths.

Sphero Edu

This app is the perfect introduction to programming and engineering for kids. It also allows them to create interesting features such as voice disguising and stop motion cameras.

Everything Machine

Mimo is one of the best free coding apps for kids. The app also compiles and runs your child’s code and provides real-time feedback. Suitable for kids above four years of age.