best chrome extensions for productivity

ClickUp allows you to take notes with rich text editing using Notepad and attach Gmail or Outlook emails to tasks. Additionally, ClickUp lets you take a screenshot of your entire browser tab.

ClickUp Chrome Extension

OneTab lets you keep all the tabs in a handy list under one new tab page. This way all the important links you want to use are just a click away. With OneTab, you can save over 95% of your web browser memory.


If you are looking for an extension for fast-moving and virtual teams with a personal connection, Loom is for you! You can record a video and share it with the team.

Loom for Chrome

Cut down time on writing emails and reduce repetitive tasks with HubSpot. You can also get instant access to communication tracking, CRM for Gmail, reusable email templates and sales productivity tools.


Right Inbox comes with 11 must-have features for any email user. With Right Inbox, users can spend less time in their inboxes and more time on more important things.

Right Inbox

One of the best web clipper sites, Save to Pocket comes with a great interface, engine, and community features. You can simply save anything that interests you, return later and browse it.

Save to Pocket

Whether you are on Google Docs or WordPress, Grammarly takes spell check to another level. Additionally, you can have your Google Drive uploads checked for typos.


This Chrome extension monitors the time you spent on websites and also gives you the option to block popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, and other unwanted social media sites.