Best Browser to Use on Mac in 2023

The new Edge includes features such as complex analysis tools and even helps you create content such as blogs, emails, or even a paragraph on the provided prompt.


Having the sleekest looks among all the browsers, Safari has unique features such as Tab Groups and other significant performance improvements.


Firefox has user data protection and is one of the most secure browsers for Mac. Also, it has the add-on to the browser feature.


Chrome is a highly popular browser and supports a range of password managers, extensions and more.


Built on the Chromium platform, Opera provides you with various privacy tools including ad blockers and a free VPN to make browsing more secure.


In addition to an appealing aesthetic, Vivaldi has several data protection features and supports tab groups.


Similar to Chrome and other Chromium- based browsers, Brave has in-built features including ad blocker and anti-tracker tools.


Tor browser comes with an extra layer of privacy beyond incognito tan or tracker blockers making it one of the favorite browsers for Mac.

Tor browser