Best apps to help you sleep

The Sleep Cycle app not only tracks your sleep pattern and guided meditations but also offers tips to help you optimize your snooze time.

Sleep Cycle

Oura uses hardware with sensors that detect body signals and help you track everything from your sleep activity to your heart rate and body temperature.


Somryst offers FDA- approved insomnia therapy which is highly effective in treating insomnia. However, it is a prescription app only.


This is a popular guided meditation app that helps you visualize calming experiences and offers new stories every night.


Noisli lets you choose from various sleep sounds so that you can create a sleep soundtrack for yourself and sleep well.


This is a great tool for those who want to center their meditation and breathing by focusing on Core’s gentle vibrations before going to sleep.


You can set a timer for the length of your sleep session while you snooze and then wake up to the app’s built-in alarm.


This app combines different experiences such as bed stories, meditation sessions, or the gentle sounds of a jacuzzi to help you fall asleep.