Best app for screen sharing android

This app allows you to share the screen of one Android device with another easily and lets both users start a voice chat or even draw on their screen.

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Not only does this app let you share the screen between two Android users, but it also allows you to take control of the other’s Android device.

Screen Share oneAssistant

TeamViewer app can be used to remotely control smartphones, computers, or tablets while you are away.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

This app allows you to mirror and broadcast your Android screen in real-time making it a great app for those who need to make professional presentations.

Screen Stream Mirroring

A great alternative to Skype, allows screen sharing and sharing of documents in real-time. It also allows you to host webinars.

This app allows you to mirror and broadcast your mobile screen in real-time. ScreenMeet is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use app.


This free app allows users to share their screen from their device to another with a push of a button.


AirDroid Cast allows you to share your device screen with larger displays and is a great tool for individual and business users.

AirDroid Cast