Best AI Apps to Download on Your Phone

Lensa AI tool uses real-life selfies to create vivid avatars of people. Its AI mode is known as Magic Avatars and uses the Stable Diffusion deep-learning model to create avatars.

Lensa AI

This is a popular chatbot that doubles as a search engine as well. It provides real-time sources for the information it provides as answers.

Perplexity AI

One of the first apps to get recognition as an AI chatbot worldwide, Replika focuses on relationships and provides companionship to users.

Replika:My AI friend

Powered by Google, Socratic app helps all students with their homework. It takes photos of the homework questions and gives instant answers.

Socratic by Google

This language learning app helps students prepare for exams like TOEFL and IELTS. The app focuses on pronunciation improvement for communication.


Rizz AI tool lets you learn Gen Z lingo and is specifically created to add an element of flirt to texts.

Rizz AI

Microsoft Bing recently revamped itself and now comes with powerful GPT-4 and does many more things than previously.

Microsoft Bing