5 Tools to Help You Detect and Stay Safe from Crypto Scams

Revoke.cash allows you to revoke token allowances from smart contracts. While Token allowances are necessary, scammers can exploit them by draining your funds.


Token Sniffer is a free online tool that helps you identify any fraudulent tokens in addition to any scams.

Token Sniffer

This allows projects to lock their liquidity tokens thus minimizing the risk of rug-pulling or fraudulent behaviour.

UNCX Network

Investors can use Rugdoc Honeypot Token Checker to check for signs of honeypot scams and verify social media presence for signs of scams.

Rugdoc Honeypot Token Checker

This is a decentralized on-chain data platform that aggregates on-chain data from over 40 blockchains.


PechShield offers AegisWeb3 -a user-friendly chrome extension which searches for rug pulls, phishing scams and blacklisted addresses.

PechShield Alert

This is a Web3 Browser extension which detects fake websites, phishing scams, malicious transactions and honeypots.

Pocket Universe

With its web3 security software, DeDotFi functions as an antivirus program for the cryptosphere.