10 Travel Gadgets for a Stress-Free Vacation

Charge your devices in record time on the go with this Mophie power station. It’s got a fast-charging USB-C port and can charge up to three devices.

Mophie power station fast portable power gadget

This super compact charger can charge up to two devices at once and has dynamic power allocation between your devices.

Native Union Fast GaN Charger PD 35W multi-device charger

If you’re planning to explore remote places then this gadget is a must-have. All you need is enough sunlight to let the power bank charge and you are good to go!

Solar Power Bank

From simple fixes to urgent crises, a multi-utility tool can be handy in dealing with situations that may emerge when traveling.

Multi-Utility Tool Kit

These headphones help block stressful background noises and offer up to 35 hours of battery life.

Sony WH-CH720N wireless noise-canceling headphones

Foldable and portable, these smart goggles ensure you sleep properly and relax anywhere. Also, it tracks your health and has 3 customisable modes.

Therabody SmartGoggles smart wearable

Finding potable water can be a daunting task in many areas and so a water purifier is a must-have while travelling.

Water purifier

Capture precious moments when travelling with an action camera that has an aerodynamic style of OCLU.

Action Camera

This haptic smart band helps you look like a local and find your way without looking at your phone in a new location. It uses haptic vibrations to guide you.

WearWorks WAYBAND haptic smart band

The Trtl Pillow features an inventive design making it lighter and easier to pack. The pillow supports your head and keeps it in a relaxed position.

The Trtl Pillow