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We Might Have A Samsung Galaxy Transparent Phone

Samsung is indeed one of the best mobile manufacturers loved for designing really good looking smartphones.  Known for using advanced technology, Samsung has gone a step ahead and has recently filed patents for a transparent smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy transparent phone patent was first spotted on WIPO  as well as o Dutch blog – LetsGoDigital. The tech blog also presented a mock-up of the Samsung Galaxy transparent phone. Let’s see how the transparent phone by Samsung will be useful for the users.

Samsung Galaxy Transparent Phone

The patent of Samsung Galaxy transparent phone was published on August 27. The display of the latest transparent phone by Samsung is characterized by high brightness, low power consumption, and improved response time. What’s worth noting here is that the same technology can also be used for laptops, TVs, and monitors as well.

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OLED Display

This display of the Samsung Galaxy transparent phone is speculated to be equipped with a transparent luminous display panel, through which light can shine, which means that the content will be displayed when the light goes through it. The patent is technically defined patent that goes into great detail about the different layers and components required to achieve transparency.

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Another interesting point noticed is that the display of the Samsung transparent phone can be both flexible and flat at the same time. Also, the phone users will be able to create a rollable display, when required. If we go by the patent sketches, we are sure the new Samsung Galaxy transparent phone would be quite sleek and modern-looking.

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Is the concept of transparent phones new?

Transparent Phone

The answer is simply NO! In 2009, LG had launched GD900 which wore a transparent keypad. Sony Ericsson also used the same technology and came up Xperia Pureness which adorned a not-so-good transparent display. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi also keeps updating its Transparent Editions, including the recently launched XiaomiMi 10 Ultra. Moreover, it isnot that Samsung has not developed transparent OLED displays in the past, but it’s just that the idea of the same on the smartphone seems quite complicated.

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Worth the Investment?

Transparent phones sound quite futuristic, but we aren’t sure whether they hold any advantages for the users. On the negative side, it is quite a possibility that, with transparent display, the content could be washed out, and too bright, without proper lamination, thus hindering what one can actually see on the screen. We also cannot negate both – the front and rear cameras. If we position the cameras on their usual spot, then yes the phone will be transparent, but then we will see the camera sensors, thus defeating the main purpose.

We will have to wait and see what Samsung will do and if the speculated Samsung Galaxy Transparent Phone will actually turn into a reality. 

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