Tuesday, July 23, 2024

‘We Mean Some Serious Business’ Microsoft Surface Pro Shouts Out In Its Preview



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Microsoft has chosen to offer a preview before the final show for the Surface Pro launch slated for the 9th of February. And what factor has it been banking on, you ask? Well, it is the PC-ness of the Pro!

The video, offering a snippet into the Surface installment plays on the sexy look that the tab comes with and the power packed features encapsulated in the sleek design. With a Mini Display Port connector and USB 3.0 port attached, the tablet is being marketed as meant for serious business and not just for surfing superficially. The former enables the Surface Pro to come alive for experiences like Apple’s LED cinema.

The 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution is also slightly pinpointed in the pre-launch video and we believe, this could be one of the best features of the latest outing from Microsoft. The lightweight machine comes only 13.5 millimeters thick and Windows 8 additionally ups the PC-ness of the mean machine from Microsfot.

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The video intro line–“Sleek, light, and durable meets powerful PC”, seems justified as of now.

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