Remember how we told you last week that Samsung was possibly working on a more rugged version of the Galaxy S4 to go up against the Sony Xperia Z? Well, turns out that that rumor is true and this new dust and water resistant Galaxy S4 could hit the markets by July this year.

The IP55/57 certified Xperia Z which is dust and waterproof could soon have a formidable competitor in the Galaxy S4, giving clumsy customers one more interesting option to pick. As of now, the device is codenamed Galaxy S4 Active and makes most sense for smartphones users who love the great outdoors.

This could very well propel Samsung Galaxy S4 to the top of the list, and go on to make it the best phone on 2013, much like its predecessor. So, would you rather wait for the rugged Galaxy S4 or do you want to be impatient?