Watch Out For This Week’s Latest Android Updates!

This week we watched with anticipation as Google came out with some exciting updates, the biggest of all being the roll out of Android 8.1. We are extremely happy that Android 8.1 Oreo has finally made its debut. Moreover, the android app for WhatsApp has been updated with a new message deleting feature which will let a user delete a message from all the devices. Further, Google has parted ways with Nik and has launched a program to improve its app security system.
Read on for more details about the update:
1.  Android 8.1 Oreo
The new version of android received quite a few updates. Now, there is limit to app notifications. No app can send any two or more notification in a split second. It permits only one notification sound per second. Constant notifications sounds are no longer there to annoy you. In addition to this, there is new automatic dark theme, redesigned power menu and Quick Settings that shows battery levels for connected Bluetooth devices.
2.  WhatsApp new delete feature
Sometimes, we accidently send a wrong message to the wrong person. WhatsApp’s new feature will save you from this embarrassment, as the latest update allows a user to delete a message permanently from the receiver’s WhatsApp account.The feature works for all types of media – images, videos, GIFs and more. However, on deleting a message, an automatic message is sent to all affected user indicating that a message has been deleted.
3.  Google bids goodbye to Nik
Google-owned photo editing software for PCs is now acquired by DxOMark, which is website that reviews professional photography. We could not guess it back in May, when the search giant had revealed that it would no longer update its Nik Collection tools. DxOMarkhowever has given the hope that a new version of Nik Collection software will be released by mid-2018. However, it is not clear whether the app would be free or not.
4. Google to reward security critics
A new app security program named Google Play Security Reward Program asks security researchers to challenge its apps’ security. This new security initiative at Google aims to enhance security of all Google- developed Android apps available in the Play Store. It will ask researchers to work along with the app developers to fix the bug found by them. The researches will be paid for their work in improving app security. Google has handed ethical hacking group HackerOne the responsibility to run the new security program. The program will involve paying out millions of dollars in bounties to researchers for fixing several vulnerabilities.
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