Friday, June 9, 2023

Watch Out: Android Trojan Plagues Google Play

Critics of Android always warned this would happen, and now they must feel vindicated. In what comes as a big worry for millions of Android users worldwide, a new virus called FakeLookout has been found on the Play Store. This Trojan takes out sensitive information from Android smartphones and transmits to a remote FTP server under the control of malicious hackers, according to a recent report by TrustGo Mobile.

FakeLookout is concealed within an app called “Updates”, designed by Good Byte Labs, and appears to be an update for the mobile security app, Lookout. The app even features a genuine looking logo of the original app, causing considerable damage not only to Android users who accidentally download the app, but also harming the reputation of the original app maker.

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FakeLookout is capable of stealing MS/MMS messages, video files, and data off the SD card on Android phones, posing a severe security threat to users by leaking personal and sensitive information into the hands of malicious agents. TrustGo Mobile has also reported that it has updates its antivirus solution to protect against this Trojan.

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