Google nexus 5

While the world went gaga over the Android KitKat 4.4 update availability for the Google Nexus phones, here is news that could take away the cheer. KitKat has crunched an issue that no one anticipated for the Nexus devices. In fact, this rings a warning bell for enthusiasts looking to purchase the Google Nexus 5.

  • KitKat could eat into your battery life. With a 2500 mAh non-removable battery, this is worse than anything. 
  • In fact, users report that mobile data issues plagued post Android 4.4 update. In addition, call receptiveness stood hampered while the data connectivity was green.
  • More so, dialer application did not work properly post-KitKat 4.4 update n the Nexus 5.

Thus, we thought of signaling the danger tag before you make your minds up about updating your Nexus 5.