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Could the Next Android be Named KajuKatli?

Are you joining the #KajuKatli For Android brigade? Google’s Larry Page and Android Inc’s Andy Rubin have consistently naming the next version of the Android after a dessert. Android was taken over by Google in 2005. Rubin has stayed as Google senior vice president of Mobile and Digital Content.

A bunch of Android enthusiasts from India are now gunning to have the next version of the OS names KajuKatli. In this attempt, the group will also be sending Page and Rubin a box of the Indian sweet along with a letter that will be signed by supporters from India.

“We have been running this campaing for the past three weeks, asking for KajuKatli as the next Android version. Google sure has taken notice of this. At least one senior Google employee, who is an Indian retweeted about the campaign on the first day. We are hopeful that if enough Indians demand an Android version named after an Indian sweet, it shall work,” Join The “#KajuKatli For Android campaign frontrunner Annkur P Agarwal has said.

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So far, Google has named each new version of Android after a dessert and does that in an alphabetic order. So the previous version was named JellyBean.

Agarwal mobile phone online store website PriceBaba in Mumbai and has already found 4,000 to supported the campaign. “I think Google has a big focus on India. It showed Hindi support during the launch of its last Android version, which was named JellyBean. The next would be a sweet beginning with from the alphabet ‘K’. Hence, KajuKatli,” Agarwal has said.

Be a part of the action and log on to to pledge your support.

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Nishtha Shukla Anand
Nishtha Shukla Anand
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