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Wake Up Call For Apple:Rumors Have It iPhone 6 Won’t Be Able Follow In Footsteps Of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Now these phones haven’t yet launched into the market, nor is there any form of confirmation from either Apple or Samsung about these products. But the rumors mills are working overtime speculating about which of these flagship phones will emerge the winner in 2013. From the specs that we’re hearing, we doubt if the iPhone 6 would be able to even come close to what the Galaxy S4 promises to achieve. Why do we think so?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a 5-inch display with a resolution of 441 ppi. But that’s not all – powered by a quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, it could run the new Android Key Lime Pie version too. Additionally, we can expect to see unique features like wireless charging, S-Pen functionality, and capabilities to record videos and click images simultaneously at HD resolution. Now, if these features really will be present in the Galaxy S4, you can see why Apple has an uphill task ahead of it if it wants its new iPhone to stand a chance against Samsung’s flagship. Technical features aside, there are many more reasons why we expect to see less of a response to the iPhone 6 when compared with the Galaxy S4. Here’s why.

Well, to start with, the iPhone 5 received a rather lukewarm response. With a form factor that didn’t differ much from its predecessor, except for the fact that it was lighter and slimmer, the Galaxy S3’s large screen made it a much bigger hit than the iPhone 5. Secondly, in terms of OS, we love the way Android is transforming with every update – we loved the ICS and then Jelly Bean quite literally did take our breath away. On the other hand, iOS is getting kind of monotonous – there isn’t too much of a drastic change since it first came out, and we think we’re not the only ones getting bored of it.

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Samsung did end up becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker during 2012, and in all probability, it’ll do everything it can to hold on to this top spot. That’s another reason why we think the Galaxy S4 will also blow our minds away when it finally does launch. Apple’s lost the Steve Jobs charm – what he did, not even Tim Cook can rebuild. Apple over the past couple of years, has failed to launch any groundbreaking innovations, and hence, people don’t seem too eager for the next iPhone.

The youth are identifying more with Android than with Apple and iOS. What the iPhone did a few years ago is what many other companies like Samsung are getting to do with the launch of their flagship devices – there’s more variety in the market and people are loving it. Another reason why Apple’s losing its connect with the youth is its elite price point. Why bother spending $100-$200 extra on an iPhone when you get all of its features and more in a snazzier smartphone?

Is 2013 going to be the year when Apple gets forgotten, or will we see Apple rising again like it has managed to do in the past? Guess we’ll just have to wait for a few more months to find out. Until then, all we can do is get you the latest inside scoop on the Galaxy S4 as soon as we hear something!

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